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Welcome to our website.  We trust it will give you a sense of the philosophy that supports our work.

As we journey through life, there are joyful times and bumpy ones – times when it would be good to share our struggles with an experienced coach/therapist who listens deeply.

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Susie Basler   203-820-1225

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29 East Main Street, Westport, CT


"In the well of our being is being well"

Our goal is to help you reconnect with your innate ability to grow toward wholeness and healing, bringing…

  • More aliveness in your relationships and daily living,

  • Confidence -- greater clarity about your strengths, while reducing limiting beliefs,

  • Less need to protect yourself as you engage authentically in being seen, heard, and accepted.

  • Opportunities to hone skills that can be used in various settings in your life

Susie Basler, MA, LMSW

MA, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration, BS, University Wisconsin. Training in…

  • DBT

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Adolescent psychology

  • Crisis responses

  • Leadership skills/management

For 30 years I had the privilege of being the Director of Project Return, a 7-bed group home for teenaged girls in crisis in Westport.  During that time we provided a home for over 160 girls.


I worked with the girls and coached and supported parents in an effort to reunify families; interfaced with schools, therapists, and other resources. I hired, trained, and coached staff.  We were a training site for graduate schools of social work.


I listen deeply and bring you a wealth of experience and hard-earned wisdom, offering... 

  • Empathy for how hard it is to parent,

  • A reservoir of skills and knowledge of what works with teenagers,

  • Understanding of the needs of teenagers: how to stay connected while setting healthy boundaries,

  • The difficulty of raising children in an affluent community,

  • A chance to reflect on how we were parented and what that means for our parenting,

  • Tools to reduce anxiety and to navigate blind spots and roadblocks,

  • A deep knowledge of life.


   My goal is to partner with you to find ways to affirm, and utilize your strengths.


I look forward to talking with you. 

Contact me at 203-820-1225 or


Frank Basler

Well being for your whole self in all aspects of your life

BA, Yale University

SM (MBA), Sloan School of Management, M.I.T.

MDiv, Union Theological Seminary

NPsyA, Westchester Institute for Training in Psychotherapy

Each of us is on a journey toward wholeness – a psychological journey, a spiritual journey,
a religious journey perhaps.  By any name, we are each pursuing a journey toward self-acceptance, freedom from anxiety, and a growing capacity to work effectively and love wholeheartedly.


I bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to my practice.  For over 25 years I worked as a corporate human resources manager and organization effectiveness consultant, training managers and developing teams.  I completed psychoanalytic training and then focused on coaching executives.  A 1967 seminary graduate, I recently served as a pastor, and I run support groups for clergy.  Trained in Shambala Buddhism, I lead mindfulness meditation groups.


I can help you find a greater sense of overall wellbeing, supporting you in these three vital aspects of your life:


  • Professional wellbeing: I can coach you to be your best self, improving leadership and communication, increasing your ability to resolve conflict and to manage and facilitate growth in others.


  • Spiritual wellbeing: Together we can deepen/grow your spiritual life or help you discover a sense of meaning or purpose in your life, or develop a meditation/mindfulness practice.


  • Emotional wellbeing: I can help you gain greater perspective that will support you in improving your relationship to yourself, so you can have less stress and fewer worries that keep you awake at night.


You will find me to be a mindful, consummate listener,
helping you listen to your own wisdom and strengths.

I look forward to meeting you.  Contact me at 203-345-5682 or

$150 per one-hour session.

Each of us has a limited number of reduced rate openings.

We offer a free, initial 20-minute consultation to see if there is a good fit.


Cancellation Policy

We request 24 hours notice to either cancel or reschedule.
Otherwise, we shall ask you to pay the full cost of the session.



Questions?  Please call Susie at 203-820-1225 or Frank at 203-345-5682

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