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Anxious? Pour Yourself Out

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

This is so wise!

A BLESSING OF IMPERMANENCE by Neil Douglas Klotz, PhD, Blessings of the Cosmos

If you’re going to be anxious and rush around about anything, do it first about finding the “I can” of the universe and how it straightens out your life.

Line up your starting place with that of the cosmos: search and ask and boil with impatience until you find the vision of the One Being that empowers all your ideas and ideals, that restores your faith and justifies your love.

All the rest - the universal and endless “things” of life -

Will then attach themselves to you as you need them.

You will stand at the threshold where completeness arrives naturally and prostration leads to perfection. Pouring yourself out makes the universe do the same.

What need do you see around you that you could pour yourself into?

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