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Choosing to Trust

In despair I read about Asian giant hornets suddenly found destroying honeybee hives in the Northwest. If these things get out of control, they could decimate the food chain, ruining agricultural products that depend on pollination!

The next day the New York Times reported that Japanese honeybees kill these Asian giants by swarming around them and using their body heat to raise the tree temperature of the hornet, essentially baking to death. Also, beekeepers are using traps to capture the first invader before it can mark the hive with a pheromone alerting other hornets to the presence of the hive.

So, our apples, cherries, broccoli, and squash may not be destroyed after all -- though, it sounds like the battle will be fierce!


Once again, I am reminded of the power of choosing to trust. Death is inevitable. I don’t want to die in pain from the covirus; nor do I want to abandon my family. And, I trust that love is more powerful than death. I trust that human ingenuity and goodwill are more powerful than any pandemic or depression or ecological catastrophe. We can trust that there will be better days.

Suffering in our individual lives and in our social lives is inevitable. Winter each year is inevitable. We can trust in spring.

What inner resources do you have that enable you to trust?

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