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Give us Something to Trust

Coronavirus cases in the US reach new highs. Stimulus talks stall; millions may lose $600 weekly unemployment benefits soon.

So much suffering. So much uncertainty. What can we trust?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.”

I introduced many of you to Mooji in my last “Pandemic Musings” post on meditation. In his YouTube talks he tells us that awareness of our supremely trustworthy true self is right in front of us. Here’s a talk in that vein where he says, “Trust in life and you will see.” The 10 minute story he tells is hilarious:

But, you may say, “It’s all well and good to trust myself and even to trust how my life will turn out. But what about the crisis in society?”

What helps me when I despair for our country (let alone, our world) is to reflect on the millions upon millions of people of good will who are working hard to create a just and sustainable society. The Reverends Dr. William Barber and Dr. Liz Theoharis co-chair the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Skip to the very end of this video of their virtual Moral March on Washington to see the list of more than 500 organizations, labor unions, national faith bodies and denominations, and other faith partners who have joined the campaign: (Scroll down a bit to click on the broadcast.)

Then keep scrolling to see some beautiful faces of people of goodwill who have joined. Finally, look at the most comprehensive set of proposals/demands for restoring society I have yet to see:

What can we trust? We can trust the power of the Black Lives Matter movement. We can trust the energy of Greta Thunberg’s youth climate movement. We can trust the Poor People’s Campaign and other global movements you and I haven’t even heard about.

Watch a little more of the Moral March on Washington. Does the power of this movement put things you are anxious about in perspective? I hope so.

Pour yourself out. Spread the word about the Poor People’s Campaign.


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