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Gratitude for our Losses

When I am at my most vulnerable, I'm sad about what I've lost with this pandemic. Some groups I've been involved with that gave my life meaning are in hiatus. I’ve lost income. I miss special trips to New York for theatre and lunches with friends. I miss my gym!

What do you miss? Take a moment to consider your losses.

Our losses are real. They can stir up anxiety and stress.

You probably know that gratitude is an important way of coping with stress and anxiety. How is it possible to be grateful for what you miss? Can you find gains in and among your losses? Are there ways to be thankful for your changed circumstances?

I've gained more time to be in nature and to garden. My relatives now gather every Sunday afternoon on Zoom; we’re closer. Instead of small talk at large parties, we now have more intimate conversations in the few times we've gathered 6' apart for drinks or dinner in back yards. I've had the time to start this blog. Overall, my life is richer.

How is your life richer in and through everything you have lost? What gifts has the pandemic and economic crisis given you that you can be grateful for?

You may have trouble answering this. If so, watch this wonderful Ted talk on gratitude:

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