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Healing our WHOLE World

Healing the racial divide and our societal sin of racism is accelerating beyond my fondest dreams. I’m hoping all this energy for change will extend to global warming as well.

Father Richard Rohr brings a wise perspective on hope and healing:

Hope cannot be had by the individual if everything is corporately hopeless.

It is hard to heal individuals when the whole thing is seen as unhealable. (p. 46)

Hopelessness makes it hard to take action. Today’s demonstrators are acting out of both outrage and hope. If lasting change were hopeless, they’d quickly stay home.

Are you pessimistic about the world our grandchildren will inherit? Does a sense of hopelessness interfere with your finding new ways you can act to protect the planet? If you stayed alert for signs of hope, would it free you to act?

I find hope for the planet when I learn about new technologies. A college classmate is working on green architecture at UC Berkeley. See some of the hopeful things that university is doing/supporting:

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and our local chapter provide me ways to act. I try to promote the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763 whenever I can. Check out CCL:

May you stay alert for signs of hope and may you find new ways to use your gifts to create a livable world for our grandchildren.

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Frank Basler
Frank Basler
Jul 02, 2020


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